Top 5 Weird Meals From My Travels

For alot of backpackers – myself included – food is a key element of any travel. The taste of a country can give me as much joy and insight into the country I’m visiting as the sights I see.

And as with anything travel related you can stick to the tourist trail or you can get stuck into the local side of life and get off the beaten track. I always try to tuck into something a bit odd or traditional whenever I can – sometimes it’s an absolute treat and gets me hooked on a new meal for a few weeks, but occasionally it can also go horribly wrong and see me running for a glass of something familiar or even worse a burger and chips simply to settle my stomach!

So here’s my Top 5 Weird Meals From My Travels…


  • Fish Head Soup – on my first visit to Ecuador in South America I spent alot of time chilling with local surf and shaper Rasty in Montanita (somewhere I’d later go back and work as a surf instructor) and he invited me around for many amazing meals, from BBQ’s to random meals I can’t even pronounce! One such time I was enjoying a soupy broth when he told me to come over and look into the pot. Staring back at me was a HUGE flakey fish head! Luckily for me I’d already finished my bowl!


  • Guinea Pig – In Peru I sampled a few random foods but the weirdest was definitely Guinea Pig. This local delicay is served up roasted and whole. It actually tastes pretty dam good but it’s super fiddly to eat!
weird meals backpacker travel

Well Hello There Mr Guinea Pig!

  • Crickets/Meal Worms/Random Bugs – if you ever visit Koh San Road in Bangkok, Thailand you’ll no doubt spot the small stalls selling all manner of bugs and probably take some pics. I went one further though and with a little bit of peer pressure bought what can only be described as a pick and mix bag of bugs! The crickets weren’t too bad (although rather crunchy!) but the meal worms were a step too far, anything that ‘pops’ when you bite into it triggers alot of dry urging!


  • Kangaroo – Australia offers up a few awesome eats, including crocodile and emu. But my favourite was without a doubt kangaroo. It’s al free range and you can buy it in a variety of forms, from steak to “kanga bangers”! It’s super tasty and really good for you too, in fact I ate it alot whilst backpacking in Oz.


  • Haggis – you don’t have to travel too far to sample some odd food and haggis is the perfect example. Scotlands traditional dish contains things I’d rather not mention all encased in a stomach…lvoely hey?! If you can blank that from your mind for long enough to actually eat it you’ll be pleasantly surprised, it’s actually really tasty!

What’s the most random thing you’ve eaten on the road? Anything you’d recommend trying or more importantly avoiding?!


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