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top 5 travel photography accessories

Travel Photography – Fun But Complex!

As a photographer on the road, one of the most important things is making the most of what you’ve got. Unlike the stationary and non-nomadic photographer, the travel photographer doesn’t have the freedom of being able to carry around masses of equipment (unless you want to potentially ruin your back and your trip!). Instead, you want all of the photographic equipment you do have with you to be travel friendly, working at its highest potential for the length of your adventure. It isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish, and the gear you take will definitely depend on the sort of photography you do. For me though, there are five things I always have with me when I travel with photography on the mind.


  •  DSLR Camera Body (Nikon D7000 in my case) – Hardly travel sized, a DSLR camera body is likely to be one of the bulkiest things you absolutely must have with you if you’re any kind of serious travel photographer. Sure, those point-and-shoots come in handy (we’ll get back to those), but there’s just no denying the quality of the DSLR images, especially in comparison. Believe me, size and weight aside, you want a good camera body with you.


  •  Multi-Purpose Lens – Here is where we start to get travel smart. Lenses are a photographer’s best friend, no doubt about it. But, what kind of travel photographer would you be toting around a plethora of lenses and wasting time every five minutes changing in and out, potentially missing your shot? Probably not a great one. So do the smart thing and get a multipurpose lens. I recommend a light-weight one, with a focal length of about 18mm-200mm or more. There are a number of good lenses out there, with the lightest being a mix of plastic and glass components.


  •   GoPro – This is a personal preference of mine because I am absolutely in love with the GoPro. It’s a great adventure camera, a wicked underwater camera and it is perfectly travel-sized. Fitting in the palm of your hand and with a variety of mounts that also pack nice and tight, the GoPro is a must have if you’re looking to do anything half exciting on your trip.


  • Point-and-Shoot – Told you I’d come back to this. For me, having a point-and-shoot was never a massive thing until I realised that all the great adventures I was having in those spontaneous moments (going out on the town, meeting awesome people) were going uncultured. I was hardly going to take my DSLR with me on a night out, and the GoPro was no good for low-light so I bit the bullet and got a point-and-shoot. Best decision ever! Although the photo quality is not DSLR comparable, it’s great to have something so compact and easy to carry with me, for any situation.


  •  Hardy Camera Bag – There’s nothing quite as important as a good camera bag for the travel photographer. You want something that is comfortable and compact, going to last your trip and going to protect all your gear throughout. In some parts of the world, its best to have a bag that doesn’t scream, “I’m full of expensive stuff!” so take that into account. You’ll probably spend a mint on a good camera bag, but if you choose well, it’ll definitely be worth the investment.


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