Top 5 Things To Do In Cambodia

Cambodia is currently sat at the top of my list of favourite places to travel in the world. I spent just shy of a month backpacking through this part of south east asia last year and every part of the country was amazing.

For me it has all the elements key to a good backpacking destination – heaps to do, great beaches, friendly locals and super cheap living expenses…what more could you want?!

From the bustling city of Phnom Phenn to the island retreat of Koh Rong – it really does have all bases covered.

In fact I loved it so much I’m heading back there again later this year to recover some of my favourite spots and explore some areas that I had to miss out on the first time around. I’m also taking a few buddies in tow and will be showing them around – and with that in mind I’ve compiled my Top 5 Things To Do In Cambodia…


  • Get away from it all on Koh Rong – Koh Rong is possibly my favourite place in Cambodia. Situated an hour or so ferry journey off the coast this tranquil paradise only has 4 hours of electricity a day, so it’s the ideal place to disconnect from modern life and truly relax. Spend your days dozing in a hammock, wandering along the empty beaches or sipping cocktails – there’s no reason to be stressed here! At night too you’re in for a treat with moonlit swims surround by glow in the dark plankton!


top 5 cambodia angkor wat backpacker

Angkor Watt Reflections

  • Explore the temples of Angkor Wat – it’s super easy to get “templed out” in Asia. Even if you’re sick to death of buddahs, temples and other such like things you still have to pencil Angkor Wat into your travel plans. This huge network of stone temples covers a vast area and is amazing to behold. Make sure you get in a sunrise and sunset for those picture perfect moments and the outer less tourist trodden area are great for the photographer in you to snap some amazing images.


  • Party hard on Pub Street – as with all of the backpacker bubble Cambodia knows how to party – and no where is quite as memorable as Pub Street in Siem Reap. Imagine it as the Koh San of Cambodia if you will, just heaps less busy, way more friendly and just generally more of a fun place to catch up with some fellow travellers over a beer or two!


  • Hire a bike and get lost – one of my favourite days in Cambodia was a simple one; me and my buddy hired push bikes for the day in Siem Reap and simply set off into the countryside with no clue where we were heading or what we’d find. What we came back with was a heap of amazing pictures and a new found love for the Cambodian people – they were all so friendly and happy to help (especially when we got lost and my buddies chain snapped!) and it was great just to escape and be out in the open country air.


  • Let of some steam at the shooting range! There are quite a few random things that will crop up on many backpacking bucket lists and the shooting ranges of Cambodia are one of them! There’s a fabled story of being able to shoot a cow with a rocket launcher (something I personally wasn’t offered!) but having the chance to fire and AK47, M16 or uzi is one of those things you can’t really turn down, it’s certainly a unique experience!


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