Top 5 Things To Do In Byron Bay, Australia

top things to do byron bay australia backpacker

Whilst on my year long working holiday visa in Australia I spent the vast majority of my time living and working in Byron Bay. I was so stoked to call this place home in Oz – it’s got an amazing community where the hippy spirit still lives on, barefoot is the norm and the beach is the centre point of everyday life.

My stay here consisted of a fairly simple but highly entertaining routine; surf all day, party all night!

Many backpackers descend on this little town in northern new south wales and with valid reason too – it’s the perfect backpacker retreat and the place where I found the lifestyle and friendships I was searching for out of my trip.

With nearly half a year spent here it’s safe to say I got to know the place pretty well – so here’s my Top 5 Things To Do In Byron Bay…


  • Surf, Surf and Surf Some More! Byron is famed as a surf mecca in Australia. Being the most easterly point of the country it sucks up the swell and there’s a whole heap of amazing surf breaks for all levels of surfers. From the mellow, sandy bottomed point break of The Pass through to the barrelling rights of The Wreck it’s great for beginners and pros a like.


  • Dance on The Tables At Cheeky Monkeys – Dancing on the tables at Cheekys Monkeys is a backpackers right of passage. If you haven’t done it you haven’t backpacked the East Coast! I actually worked here for my stay too and I’ve watched a fair few people make some amusing drunken bad decisions…just be careful not to stack it whilst mid dance!


  • Sunrise and Sunset At The Lighthouse – Byron Lighthouse is the perfect place to take in the gorgeous scenery of the Byron Hinterland right through to the ocean and there’s no better time to grab a camera and get some shots than at sunrise or sunset. If you time it right it’s also a great place to watch the annual whale migration – perfect!


  • Get In Touch With You’re Hippy Side At The Arts Factory – The Arts Factory backpacker hostel is somewhat of a Byron institution! It’s a place where dreadlocked hippy backpacker come to chill in the natural surroundings, make didgeridoos, swing in hammock and even spend a night or two sleeping in a teepee. Even if you don’t stay there head round to check out the atmosphere, grab an all natural beer at the bar and maybe catch a film at the lounge cinema.


  • Take a Trip To Nimbin – if you’re a fan of alternative lifestyles, illicit substances, or simply want to witness some really bizzare things then heading to Nimbin for the day is a must! Famed for it’s abundance of hash cookies and chocolate (please note it’s still illegal!) leather skinned hippies roam the streets in a weird little town that it seems time forgot! If you do pay it a visit don’t eat more than one cookie and make sure you check out the Nimbin Cannabis Museum.


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