Top 5 Things To Do In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famed as a haunt for stag do’s, drunken Brits aboard and alot of debauchery…and for good reason – the place caters for them all perfectly!

Yeah sure there are alot of cultural things you can do whilst you’re there, but the chances are the backpacker in you wants to let loose, avoid the metropolitan latte drinkers and make some bad decisions!

And with my Dutch buddy Gijs by my side we’ve put together our Top 5 Things to Do In Amsterdam…


  • Get High – lets face it legal weed is the main kickstarter for any Amsterdam backpacking trip! And if it’s not…well…when in Rome! Visit a coffee shop where menus packed full of strains, names and strengths will baffle you. Pick a random pre rolled one (unless you already possess the skills!) share with friends and let the day pass in a hazy high!
top 5 things to do in amsterdam

When In Rome…


  • Do the Heineken Experience – One of Hollands prime exports Amsterdam is also the home to the Heineken factory and the factory tour itself is pretty unique. The Heineken experience actually makes you into the beer – you’re sprayed, spun and all sorts to turn you into the perfect brew and educate you a bit along the way!


  • Watch a Sex Show – The Dams famed red light district is home of one of the biggest legal sex trades in Europe. If you’re not inclined to take a girl home then the live sex shows are a weird mix of naked chaos and a pretty random night out with a few buddies in tow after some drinks! Just get worried when they start the audience participation!


  • Cycle along the Canals – ok so you may want to take in some of the sights during the day, so get in the spirit of the locals, hire a bike and go for a cycle ride along the canals of Amsterdam. The place is pretty much flat so there’s no need to build up a sweat, but make sure you pack your camera.


  • Chill In Vondel Park – the perfect hangover cure or first date for the girl you’ve met the night before! A day spent lazing in the gorgeous grounds of Vondel Park will have you feeling better in no time or wooing her with your sensitive side. Pack a picnic, a bottle of rose and soak up the sun.



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