Top 5 Surf Spots Around Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout in Morocco is famed for it’s abundance of surf spots and it’s close proximity to Europe makes it the perfect destination to hit in the winter time and snag some world class, warm waves.

A bunch of low cost airlines also now fly to Agadir too so it won’t even hurt your wallet! So if you’ve bubble wrapped that surfboard, packed your boar dies and suncream you’ll want to have any idea of where to surf. Luckily theres numerous spots around the Taghazout/Tamraght area catering for beginners right through to pros.

I spent a season working as a surf instructor and guide for Surf Berbere so I thought I’d put together my Top 5 Taghazout Surf Spots to let you know what awaits in the north coast of Africa…


  • Crocs Beach – the perfect spot for learners. At high tide this long open beach offers a great sandy bottom break for surf schools and intermediates too. On a bigger swell the high also has a left hand peak for those goofy footed surfers wanting some front side action! Just be aware of rips on a bigger swell.


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Grab Some Buddies and Hit The Surf…

  • Panorama Point – this is my spot of choice! A lovely sandy bottom point break which reels for ages on the right swell. If Anchors is packed and firing this is the place to head! Great for longboarders too. On a small waves its simply a case of run to the nose and enjoy! On a  swell though the take can be fast with a few sneaky barrels!


  • Killers – another world class spot, this point lies in front of a cliff face and when it breaks it’s pretty dam big! At low tide you can walk around the cliff and jump off the rock but at high tide it’s a solid 20 min paddle out into the lineup, so make sure you’re up to it!


  • Anchor Point – world class, right hand point break for intermediates to pro. This is the spot most travelling surfer head to as it’s plastered all over MSW and the mags! A long right hander which sucks in heaps of swell and produces some epic barrells up to triple overhead on the right swell. Just beware of the ridiculously aggressive locals and a packed lineup when it’s firing.


  • Boilers – there’s always a wave at Boilers! This place sucks in all the swell so even if the town beaches are flat as there will more often than not be something rideable here. About a 15min drive from Taghazout it’s the preferred spot of the pros due to the powerful wave and thinned out crowds! Just beware of sea urchins on the entry/exit!


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