Top 5 Smartphone Apps For Backpacker Travellers

My iPhone is by far my favourite piece of travel kit – as a backpacker it’s got so many thing rolled into one portable device that it’s perfect for life on the road.

Whether it’s listening to music and watching movies on that 12 hour overland bus trip or long haul flight through to taking pictures of that empty white sand beach the amount of uses and features it offers makes it invaluable to me.

One of the bets things about owning a smartphone is the way you can customise it with the thousands of apps you can download – and the travel genre is no exception to this. In fact I have a whole folder of apps on my iPhone simply to do with backpacking and travel, so I thought I’d share my Top 5 Smartphone Apps For Backpackers…


  • Track My Tour – this nifty little app allows you to plot your entire trip onto a map using waypoints – these can be everything from a hostel you’ve arrived at through to the smallest detail like you’re favourite cafe or bar. Whats even better though is the fact you can share this map easily with family and friends so they can see where you’ve been – it’s a great visual reminder of the amazing adventure you’re on.

top 5 apps for backpackers

  • Skype – it’s heaps important to keep in touch whilst on the road and Skype is a firm favourite, especially now you can get it on an iPhone too. Not only can you make free Skype to Skype calls but it’s great to whack some credit on there too incase you need to phone a hostel, some less technologically up to date people on landlines or even your bank to unblock your card yet again!


  • Touchnote – One of my personal favourites at the moment. This app allows you to turn your iPhone pics into old school postcards – complete with a note on the back – and send them direct from your phone. staring at 99p per card it even includes postage so there’s no reason not to write to family and friends!


  • Facebook – again keeping in touch on the road is a must these days, whether it’s friends or fellow backpackers. Plus lets face it you really want to annoy all your buddies back in their offices with your lazy day of mojito drinking in a hammock don’t you?!


  • Camera+ – if you’re going to be using your iPhone to shoot alot of travel shots it’s always good to be able to spruce them up a bit and make your pictures that much more professional. Camera+ offers a great variety of editing options and filters to make that mediocre shot into travel brochure goodness!



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