Top 5 Dive Spots in Thailand

I did my PADI Open Water way back in 2009 whilst backpacking in Australia and since then I’ve enjoyed the odd spot of scuba diving. When I headed back to Thailand though I decided to step it up a notch and enrolled myself in the Dive Master course on Koh Phi Phi, where I ended up working for Barakuda Scuba for a few months.

Exploring the underwater world is something of a meditation for me – peaceful, relaxing and mesmerising. Being able to get up close and personal with a real life aquarium is something many people will never experience and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my dives with some great aquatic life and people alike!

For me Thailand is where I’ve dived the most so here’s my Top 5 Dive Spots in Thailand…


  • Hin Mouang – situated a 5 hour boat trip from Koh Lanta it’s best to do this as part of a liveaboard trip and it’s worth the cost on it’s own. For me it’s one of the best dive sites I’ve done in the world. Crystal clear waters, a rainbow of corals and heaps of bigger fish like barakuda and manta rays make this a spectacular place to check out at all depths.


  • top 5 thailand dive sites

    30m Down..Still Rocking Boardies!

    King Cruiser Wreck – another short boat journey from Phi Phi lies the King Cruiser wreck, the result of a botched passenger ferry insurance job. The wreck itself lies at 30m and is covered in more lion than I’ve seen anywhere else and balls of fish circle in amongst the decaying ruins. If you take a camera down with you it’s even possible to sit on the old ferry toilet for a photo op!


  • Bida Nok – although alot of people will argue it’s place on this list personally I really enjoyed diving here and it’s one of the places I frequented most often whilst on my DM course. Leopard sharks are a common sighting, as are many species of sea turtle. There’s a couple of fun swim through and it’s shallower depth make it ideal for beginner divers.


  • Chumphon Pinnacles – this will be another controversial addition to my list! Situated off the island of Koh Tao Chumphon can be a very busy dive site. For me though it makes it mark on the list for one reason – it’s the site where I had my first encounter with a whale shark! Watching a 20foot fish loom out of the blue is one of the most memorable moments of my time on the road.


  • The Similan Islands – I’ve not actually got around to diving the Similan Islands off the west coast of Thailand but alot of my dive buddies have. It’s meant to be a spectacular place to spend a liveaboard trip with many big aquatic creature calling it home.


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