Our Top 5 All Inclusive Destinations

Finding an all inclusive holiday destination is not a very easy. Finding the destination that includes entertainment, accommodation, food and other activities cannot be done by just seeing the posters or advertisements.

Here’s our top 5 all inclusive destinations…


1) The Maldives

It is absolutely necessary to include Maldives in this list. There are a few beach sided resorts to provide you the accommodation and food. The beaches and the wonderful environment attract tourists from all over the world, to this place. All day in sun with warm water and relaxing environment is the motto of Maldives. With the global warming increasing the level of water, it is better to visit Maldives, before it becomes history. Do not forget to dive in those waters. Most of the people who visit Maldives are attracted to diving.


2) Greece

Architecture, beautiful islands, history filled landscapes and tavernas are the basic elements of Greece. There are a lot of hotels with spa and entertainment for you and your family. Northern Greece is the most visited place, in the country. It also has the world’s best party town, best island and it also contains many avenues for entertainment. You can find anything you want in these islands. Greece is the best place for a quality vacation. The world heritage sites, forts, beaches and other entertainment elements make Greece, one of the best places for tourism. With accommodation and amenities within the budget limit, you can spend more on entertainment.


3) Morocco

This is altogether a different holiday destination. There are many holiday villages that provide excellent accommodation and food, at budget prices. The Atlantic beaches, pumping surf and wonderful tourist destinations make Morocco a good vacation for people with taste. Tourism is totally focused on the coastal areas. The Atlas Mountain, sand dunes, mosques and other architecture are highly visited.


4) Goa

Wonderful beaches, towns with natural beauty, tranquil villas, gentle sun and much more can be experienced in Goa. There are a lot of villas for different type of budgets. The coastlines, water sports and relaxing environment would make you wish to come back here. It has two world heritage sites, historic sites, churches, museum, forts and temples.


5) Mexico

The place is covered with high star hotels and small budget resorts along the coasts. The River, Mayan Ruins and other destinations are the highlights of Mexico. Mexico is considered to be one of the most visited countries, in the world. The fusion of European and Meso Americans can be noted in Mexican architectures. The ruins of Meso Americans, colonial cities, beach resorts, culture festivals and the smoothing climate makes it a better place to visit.


Although all inclusive destinations have a bit of a bad reputation they can be awesome value for money and they’re nothing to turn your nose up at. Hunting around for a great deal – like the all inclusive holidays from Cosmos –  can save you a heap of dollar and provide an easy going option for a country – especially for those places you have no clue about or as a last minute getaway…just remember to pack your camera!


Have you ever been on an all inclusive – where too and what did you make of it?

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  • LOVE all inclusive. Me and the missus refuse to go on anything else…can’t beat the challenge of trying to eat/drink your body weight in free stuff!

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