My Top 5 Things To Do In Queenstown, New Zealand

top 5 things to do in queenstown new zealand


I’ve recently spent a few days sampling the delights of Queenstown in New Zealand – a stunning part of the world and widely regarded as the backpacker adrenaline capital of NZ. As with any backpacker hub there’s alot going on and plenty of ways to blow your hard earned dollar!


There’s a great variety of things to do in and around Q Town but here’s My Top 5 Things to Do In Queenstown


  • Skydive – there’s nothing quite like the thrill of throwing yourself out of a perfectly good plane at 15,000 feet and where better to do it than over the gorgeous views of the southern island and lakes of Queenstown?! I enjoyed every second of my skydive with NZone Queenstown – and there’s a review of it on Backpacker Banter next week


  • River Surfing – as a surfer being inland (although lets face it only a short drive to the coast!) always sucks a bit no matter what distractions I have. However river surfing was a great alternative, skimming down grade 4 rapids on a bodyboard and even tackling a standing wave…stoked as!


  • Ice Bar – after a hard day of extreme sports there’s nothing better than winding down with and ice cold drink, and it doesn’t get much colder than at the Minus 5 Ice Bar! This ice sculptured bar ranges from -5 to -10 and even the cups are made of ice! It’s a great alternative place to drink and escape the summer heat!


  • Fergburger – if food is your thing than Fergburger is an institute in it’s own right that you need to pay a visit too. The gourmet burgers are nothing short of mammoth and sinking a whole one will test your stomach to the max! There’s always a que though so be patient!


  • Soak Up The Views – if you’re short on cash or simply want to relax a bit then its easy to spend a few days simply wandering around Queenstown and soaking up the views. Gorgeous blue lakes meet jagged mountain ranges and it’s postcard perfect in the sun or the snow! If you want to go all out a trip on the Sky Gondola will give you a great birds eye panoramic of the place.


So whether you fancy getting your buzz on or chilling out Queenstown caters for everyone and every budget. If you’re heading to NZ I highly recommend putting aside a few days and a large chunk of your budget to explore this part of the world.

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