My Top 5 Photos From Switzerland

Due to my girlfriend being Swiss I spent alot of time last year exploring the land famous for chocolate and cheese! It caught me completely off guard – both on the fact there’s is heaps to do but also because of how amazingly picturesque and beautiful the place is.

Everywhere I turned was postcard perfect and I have a crazy amount of images from my time there – from the snow capped Alps through to the sleepy towns and villages that nestle amongst them.

It’s been a tough decision whittling them down – but here are My Top 5 Photos From Switzerland…


zurich siwtzerland travel photo

Sunset Over Zurich

Zurich city itself is a great place to base a trip to Swizterland. From here you can easily bounce around the relatively small country and as with every major city there’s alot to do there too. My favourite things was walking along the river as the sun set – gorgeous every time!

swiss lanscape photo travel mountains

Postcard Perfect Switzerland

For me this image sums up everywhere I looked in Switzerland, rolling green fields, quaint little houses and of course the snow covered mountains that dominate the skyline throughout. Postcard perfect!

lugano lake switzerland travel

Lugano Lake Relaxation

Lugano – right slap on the Swiss/Italian border – is a completely different side of Switzerland. It’s proximity to Italy means Italian is the main language of choice and the architecture has a very Mediterranean feel to it. The large lake it sits on is the perfect view whilst sipping a latte or from the various lookout points dotted around the mountainside it’s nestled amongst.

snowy lake switzerland travel

Snowy Reflections

Lakes seem to be a running theme in my Swiss travels – although the country itself is landlocked there’s water EVERYWHERE! Still I cant complain as it makes for some great shots! This one was actually taken by my girlfriend (and edit by myself), a morning sprinkling of snow at sunrise by her university.

switzerland rail travel mountains

Scenic Rail Journey

One of the amazing things about Switzerland is how easy and reliable it’s rail networks are (if rather pricey!) and the fact everyone of them is worth it for their views alone! Here en route to the Matterhorn in the south my girlfriend takes in the mountain views as we wind through them.


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