My Top 5 Backpacking Kit List Items

No matter how long you travel for the art of packing is something that you’ll never truly perfect. You can get close but there’s always something extra you wish you had, organisation you wish you could alter or something awkward you brought “just in case”.

In fact over the last few years I’ve experimented with various backpacker rucksacks, kit lists, packing techniques and storage devices aimed to help make my life easier, some have been awesome (like the old “roll it don’t fold it technique”) and some have been pretty useless (like vacuum pack dividers) but all have helped me streamline my backpacking experience.

Over on my main blog – – I’ve chatted about my current travel kit list in depth. But to help get you started or as a last minute prompt here’s my Top 5 Backpacking Kit List Items..


  • Head Torch – My head torch is never too far from my grasp on the road. Whether it’s because of a power but in the arse end of nowhere in South East Asia or simply to use out of courtesy when I’m trying to find something in a crowded dorm room whilst people are sleeping it’s something I highly recommend you invest in. I’ve got an LED one which packs a serious punch yet is super lightweight and small, ideal!
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My Life In A Bag

  • Sunglasses – without sounding too much like a parent you need to protect your eyes…you’ll only ever have one pair! Travelling in places with strong UV and sunlight can leave you a squinty mess so I totally recommend investing in a good pair – ideally with polarisation. Try to avoid dodgy fake Ray Bans and knock offs, they’ll do you more harm than good.


  • Rehydration Sachets – these are an absolute must for any backpacker! Whether it’s getting yourself back to a state of normality after a stint of backpacker belly or simply abusing them slightly to cure a hangover a good stash of rehydration sachets will save you more than once…make sure you pack enough to hand around too!


  • Toilet Roll – you’re in the middle of nowhere, that street food you ate earlier had decided it doesn’t agree with you and the squat toilet you’ve managed to locate is totally out of loo roll. Not a good place to be hey?! Flattening out a loo roll and keeping it in your day sack will save you (and your travel buddies) from a whole mess of embarrassing shortfalls!


  • iPhone – for me my tech is a big part of my travel and my iPhone is the centre of all that. It acts as my MP3 player, communications device and even my camera. I honestly don’t know how I travelled before having one!


What’s on your travel kit list – anything unusual you’d recommend?!

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