My 5 Favourite Countries For Backpacker Travel

Over the last few years I backpacked throughout a whole heap of different countries – covering different terrains, cultures, time zones and languages.

One of the first things people always as me is “where is your favourite place in the world“?!

Now that’s a bloody tough question to answer!

What do you base it on?

Beauty? Cost? Activities? Culture?

For me the perfect place to explore as a backpacker is somewhere which finds a balance of all the above, a country may have a whole heaps of things to do – but if it lacks the natural beauty of some of the places I’ve explored it’s not a good place to travel in my mind!

So here’s My 5 Favourite Countries For Backpacker Travel

1) Cambodia – Cambodia easily sits on top of my favourite places in the world to travel, for me it has it all. It’s rammed full of amazing history, it’s coastline is full of pristine paradise islands to explore, the people there are amazingly welcoming and everything is super cheap! What more could you ask for?! So whether you want to explore the ruins of Angkor Wat, swing in a hammock on Koh Rong or delve into the darker side of history at the Killing Fields it’s got something for everyone.


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Grab Your Backpack And Head Out Into The World!

2) Australia – Australia is where I started my backpacking adventure back in 2009 and even second time around I still find it an amazing place for backpacker travel. The infamous east coast backpacker trail offers heaps to do – from diving on the great barrier reef, surfing in Byron Bay, photographing the Sydney Opera House or driving the Great Ocean Road – it’s a vast country of many contrasts. With a healthy backpacker scene it’s the perfect place to start your travels and get inside the backpacker bubble.


3) Thailand – For those who want a good amount of culture shock but still be within the realms of a well travelled route for peace of mind Thailand is a great place to travel. Getting around is heaps easy and the land of a thousand smiles offers off the perfect balance of temples, street food, beaches and partying – the recipe for a great backpacking destination. And with return flights from the UK being super cheap it won’t break your budget getting there or on the ground.


4) Peru – Peru for me sums up why everyone should explore South America. Not only is it easy to get around using cheap local transport but it’s got a wide variety of things to keep you busy. Whether you want to sand board in Huaccahina, explore the floating islands of Lake Titicaca or immerse yourself in the history of the Incas hiking to Machu Pichu you’re totally covered. For me salsa dancing the night away, drinking pisco sours and exploring the rich and colourful history of this country will always make it one of my top backpacking memories.


5) New Zealand – New Zealand caught me off guard this year, I’ve heard everyone rave about it but you really have to visit it to fully appreciate why it’s a favourite with most backpackers. Postcard perfect scenes lie around every corner, adrenaline activities dot the backpacker route and the favourable dollar to pound exchange rate make it alot more affordable than it’s Aussie cousin. So if you’re heading down under skip across the ditch and check it out!


Do you agree with my list? Any countries you’d include instead?


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