Group Holidays – Fun or Stress?!

A large group holiday might seem like a good idea at the planning and booking stage – all fun and frolics, but when the reality sets in, you’ll soon see that organising and keeping everyone happy can be a nightmare!

The important thing? A very calm demeanour!

Once you’ve all decided on the time, the place, and booked the holiday, you might be wishing you’d just gone solo, however there are cost-saving advantages to large group holidays, and that comes in the form of sharing rooms, so you pay less overall, and car-sharing when you drive to the airport. I regularly book Click Park at Heathrow airport, and even when I’m paying just for myself I generally save on the cost of public transport, and find the whole experience much calmer as a result. When you factor in more people, the cost is cut between them, and so therefore you pay less individually. Win-win!

I regularly book through, and I save money that way, and holidays in this vein need to be as cheap as possible at this stage, so you have more to spend whilst you’re there!

The big problem I’ve found with large groups is that everyone has their own opinion on what they want to do during their holiday, and you may find everyone pulled in several directions. If you’re the easy-going one, you may find you end up doing what everyone else wants, to please them, and not what you want. In this case, compromise, but don’t compromise too much! It’s your holiday too, remember that.

Going with the majority is usually a good way to make decisions in situations such as this, and those who don’t agree with the decision? Well they have their own decision to make, and that’s up to them. You can’t please everyone.

I was in this situation recently on a holiday to Spain, when half wanted to go on a boat trip, and half wanted to go on a jeep safari. In the end, we decided to do both, one on one day, and the other on the next, but you may find if you have big characters within your group, opinions can overspill. Stay calm, stay neutral, and take deep breaths!

I am painting the group holiday to be a nightmare, when in fact it is more often than not the opposite. Large groups mean more people, and more people means more fun. If everyone can get along, smooth over any rifts, which do tend to happen when people spend this much time together, then it really could be a holiday to remember for all the right reasons.

Have you ever organised a group holiday? Any hints or tips?!

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