Five Awesome Spots In Lapland

 Are you thinking of having a vacation or perhaps looking for a place to spend your holidays? 

Do you want to go somewhere you can breathe in and enjoy nature’s beauty, wildlife and environment?

Do you want to go to a dwelling of fabulous culture and a location that values arts?

Do you want to head out to a destination to enjoy winter days?

Do you want to go to a home to experience bliss with family and friends?

If the answer to the question, is ‘yes’, then Lapland is the best place for you! You can spend time enjoying your stay visiting amazing spots that will exactly give you the pleasures you seek. With the rich culture and history of the land, ideal wildlife leisure and the epitome of a winter break, the magical winter wonderland will grant your wish of making your adventure truly awesome, giving you excitement, thrill and joy, which everybody hunts.

To give you a brief bird’s eye view, here are five awesome spots in Lapland you might never wish to miss…


1) Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi- You should not leave Lapland without paying a visit to Santa Claus Village, which is located about 8 km northeast of Rovaniemi. Major attractions include the Arctic Circle which is denoted by a white line painted across the park. It’s a very popular photo spot for tourists .Another is the Santa Claus Post Office where countless Christmas related stuff can be found and purchased. To meet Santa Clause, chat and take pictures, you may visit Santa Claus’s Office during his office hours. The office is located inside the main building of the village. You might also enjoy eating food catered by plethora of restaurants, inside the park.


2) Arktikum- Who would ever think of missing the chance to visit the 4th best travel attraction in Finland? It is a museum that displays the history, art and culture of Finnins Lapland from pre-historic times to present day. It could be a memorable venue for meeting and conferences. It consists of the Arktikum Café to relax, the Arctic Centre Library and Arktikum souvenir shop, which offers a variety of things to take home, with you.


3) Salla Reindeer Park

If adventure is what you are looking for, then Salla Reindeer Park will give you, what you wished for. This Safari center offers you the chance to enjoy feeding reindeer, husky riding, walking on ice, ice-fishing swimming or skiing in an ice-hole with skilled local guides in its two hundred hectares land in adorable Lappish landscapes.


4) SIIDA Museum- You might like to witness the changing exhibitions on culture, arts and nature throughout the year at the finest museum in Finland comprised of the two institutions, the Main exhibition hall, focusing on the Lapland’s ecology, season by season and the other one, which is finely dedicated to the Sami culture and unique environment and history. It also caters visitor’s events, a gorgeous open-air museum (open in summer) and a versatile suite of temporary exhibitions.


5) Lainio Snow Village- If you are fond of socialite events, then Lainio Snow Village may fit for you. It is located nearly 200 km, above the Arctic Circle. It is made up completely of snow as well as ice, the village presents a magnificent Ice hotel, a gorgeous ice bar and restaurant, amazingly illuminated snow and ice structures as well as all kinds of snow slides, for the delight of children.

All in all, this winter Lapland might cost you a few bucks but it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, a stop-over may totally change your perspective about what truly adventure means. For more inspiration check out The White Circle for heaps of awesome things to see and do…


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