20th Aug 2013
Top 5 Mini Cruises Around the World

Top 5 Mini Cruises Around the World

The word, ‘cruise’ isn’t automatically part of the backpacker’s vocabulary, but this travel option shouldn’t be sniffed at. Short breaks are competitively priced and can offer an alternative way of...

20th Jul 2013
top 5 places destinations for backpacker travel

My 5 Favourite Countries For Backpacker Travel

Over the last few years I backpacked throughout a whole heap of different countries – covering different terrains, cultures, time zones and languages. One of the first things people always...

05th Apr 2013
top 5 travel photography accessories

5 Must Haves For Travel Photography

As a photographer on the road, one of the most important things is making the most of what you’ve got. Unlike the stationary and non-nomadic photographer, the travel photographer doesn’t...

14th Mar 2013
backpacker kit list

My Top 5 Backpacking Kit List Items

No matter how long you travel for the art of packing is something that you’ll never truly perfect. You can get close but there’s always something extra you wish you...

26th Feb 2013
weird meals backpacker travel

Top 5 Weird Meals From My Travels

For alot of backpackers – myself included – food is a key element of any travel. The taste of a country can give me as much joy and insight into...

25th Feb 2013
travel backpacking learn a language top 5 phrases

Top 5 Phrases To Learn Before You Travel

I’ve backpacked across 6 continents, numerous time zones, god knows how many countries and throughout it all I’ve survived as only an English speaker. To a large extent I completely...

25th Feb 2013
top 5 apps for backpackers

Top 5 Smartphone Apps For Backpacker Travellers

My iPhone is by far my favourite piece of travel kit – as a backpacker it’s got so many thing rolled into one portable device that it’s perfect for life...