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Life On The Road…

My name is Chris Stevens – the backpacker and writer behind BackpackerBanter.com.

Ever since I started my first backpacking adventure to Australia back in 2009 I’ve been scouring the internet and travel blogs for handy tips and advice on what to do, places to stay and general travel inspiration. So much so that I decided to set up my own blog documenting the last 3 years of travel chaos!

Top 5 Travel came about as an idea to provide bite size chunks of info for people planning trips – I know first hand how precious time can be to a backpacker and how short our attention spans can be so the idea is to pass on the tips and recommendation I’ve gathered along the way out there in an easy to search, read and digest way – quick, simply and informative!

I’ll be posting everything from my top hostel recommendations and things to do through to things to pack, avoid and of course photos to get your mind wandering to far flung exotic destinations.

As well as myself I’ll be publishing posts from my fellow travel bloggers and people I meet on the road so you have a whole heap of perspectives, countries and view points to help plan your trip – and if you’d like to contribute yourself please feel free to drop me an email, I’d love to hear your ideas!

And of course if you need any help planning your trip get in touch too!

In the meantime make sure you follow all my travels via my twitter account (@bckpackerbanter) and head over to the Facebook Page and whack “like”!

Enjoy the site and happy travels!



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