5 Things I Still Want To Tick Off My Bucket List

top 5 things to do backpacker travel rtwI posted about my Top 5 Travel Experiences a while back and it got me thinking – what’s at the top of my bucket list to do at the moment?

What is driving my travel?

Everyone should have a travel bucket list – it help you keep track of what you want to do and what you’ve already done. It’s the ultimate backpacker travel accessory!

So I’ve had a look though mine and pulled out the 5 things I REALLY want to do…


  • Learn To Ski and Snowboard – I hit the slopes for the first time in Switzerland last year and instantly fell in love with the mountain lifestyle, it’s a whole different vibe to the surf scene but being in such picturesque locations in the crisp mountain air really kick started a drive to learn to snowboard and ski properly, in fact I’m currently considering an instructor course!


  • Explore Vietnam – Vietnam in one of the main backpacker spots that I didn’t manage to explore whilst backpacking in that area for the second half of last year – in fact it wasn’t even somewhere I really wanted to travel at that time. Yet the more people I meet and chat too the more I feel the need to go and check it out for myself…


  • Shark Cage Diving – I’ve scuba dived with sharks before (including with grey nurse sharks in Byron Bay) but I really want to get up close and personal with some BIG ones – I’m thinking great whites off South Australia or South Africa. I have a huge respect for these misunderstood creatures and I’d love the opportunity to share the water with them – behind the safety of a cage of course!


  • Work In New Zealand – New Zealands beauty and amazing vibe caught me well off guard when I first visited there this year (you can check out my Top 5 Things To Do in the South Island) and I’m really stoked to still be able to use my working holiday visa there at some point, it’s always in the back of my mind and something that keeps getting put off though. At the moment my plan is to go there once my travel funds dwindle to a certain point.


  • Get A Tube Shot – As a surfer the ultimate goal is to get ‘tubed’ – where the wave literally engulfs you and ride clean out. I’ve had a few semi claimable ones over the year but I’m still yet to nab a shot of me doing it! I’m off to Indonesia next week though so my GoPro is charged and I’m ready to tick it off!


Whats top of your bucket list to do’s – anything I should add?

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