5 Of My Favourite Backpacking Experiences…So Far…!

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Worth Every Step…

My backpacking travels have taken me to some amazing places around the globe and as a result I’ve experienced things I could’ve never have imagined sat back in an office in the UK!

Traveling opens up so many new opportunities and things to do – if you’re willing to embrace the unknown and take a chance you’ll soon find yourself immersed in the backpacker bubble where everyday is an adventure!

Narrowing this list down to 5 took some serious editing, so instead of making it a Top 5 it’s simply 5 Of My Favourite Backpacking Experience…So Far!


  • Diving with Whale Sharks – for me this was the item I thought would languish on my bucket list for the longest as it’s something you can never really plan for. So when I saw the 20 foot whale shark loom out of the blue whilst diving on Koh Tao, Thailand I was more than stoked, it was truly magical!
  • Hiking The Inca Trail – Machu Pichu is on most backpackers bucket lists so whilst I was in Peru I took the time to plan and book the full Inca Trail hike. It’s easily the most gruelling but rewarding thing I’ve done on my travels and after 4 days of hiking through the beautiful mountains of Peru the view over the ancient Inca city was worth every drop of sweat.


  • Skydiving – chucking yourself out of a plane at 15,000 feet is sure to get you buzzing and I’ve now clocked up 3 skydives throughout my travels (the most recent one being in Queenstown, New Zealand) …it keeps drawing me back for more!


  • Sailing the Galapagos Islands – as a photographer I’m always on the lookout to explore and photograph new places and the Galapagos Islands were the perfect combination of travel and photography. This stunning network of islands is home to heaps of unique wildlife which you can get up close and personal with; whether it’s sun bathing with the seals on the piers or snorkelling with the turtles in the warm oceans it’s something you wont regret spending the money on.


  • Campervan Living – this is one of the very first things I ticked off my bucket list when I landed in Australia back in 2009. I simply bought a van, chucked a bed in teh back and lived in it for nearly a year! Nothing beats the freedom of having home where you park it!


I’ll no doubt be adding more posts to this mini series throughout my adventures, and to get a taste of what I want to get up to you can check out my travel bucket list over on Backpacker Banter.


What’s you’re favourite travel experience? Anything I should be looking to add to the list?!

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