5 Epic Places For Sunset and Sunrise

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Speak to anyone who has an interest in photography be in as a hobby or a professional and they will tell you how magical the light is around the hour of sunrise and sunset. As someone very interested in photography I tend to ask locals and seek out the best places to watch sunset or sunrise wherever I stop.

Sometimes I stumble upon these places accidentally and other times I trek all the way out to some random place so I can capture that perfect shot. Over the last few years of my travels this has been no exception and although this list is certainly not a list of the top five in the world it is a list of the top five in the world I have seen to date.


  • Sunset at Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa (November) – With Table Mountain behind the beach and the Lions Head to one side you certainly get a feel for just which city you are in on this beach. Having been at the beach relaxing for hours before sunset as soon as the sun headed down we felt the chill – still this did not stop us from enjoying the sunset which seemed to last forever until finally the sun seemed to fall in to the ocean.


  • Sunrise, Grand Canyon, Arizona, Unites States (August) – Having seen sunset the night before I really can say that it is worth staying the night and it is worth getting up super early to watch the sun rise. To watch the sun rise we drove out to Yaki Point, a recommended place to see the sunrise, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. With barely anyone else there the place was silent which was a fitting background to our gasps and awes as the sun rose. The change in hue of the canyon is beyond anything you can imagine – we woke up to a blue tinged sky but when the sun started to rise that quickly changed to a beautiful orange glow.


  • Sunset at the 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia (March) – The most recent addition to my top sunsets/rises list – having seen the apostles during the day I begged to go back for sunset and I cannot tell you how glad I am that we did. The change in the light was unbelievable, everything felt soft and warmer under the late light of the sun. Unlike most sunrises or sets in Australia it isn’t about the colour of the sky here it is about the way the sun makes the apostles look in the hour of golden sunset light.


  • Sunrise Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia (October) – Feeling very jetlagged and awake at 6 am I watched my first Bondi sunrise from my bed; however the next morning I ventured down to the beach and my am I glad I did. That morning the sky turned an incredible colour as the sun seemed to rise out of the ocean, a couple of clouds lingered in the sky helping give the sunrise its shapes and colours but photography wise it was the surfers in the ocean which got me my perfect picture.


  • The Point, London, United Kingdom (August) – This might be an unexpected one to my list but somehow it has managed to make it up there with the greats. I found out about this place from a book which listed one thing to do every day of the year in London. Feeling sceptical I took to the point one August evening and was totally rewarded with a beautifully coloured sky that you wouldn’t normally get in the UK. Not only that but with the London skyline to frame my photos, this created some of my favourite sunset photos to date.


There are some many places on my wish list to see sunset or sunrise and one by one I’m sure I will get to tick them off but right now I am thoroughly enjoying how incredible sunsets and rises are here in Australia.

Where are your favourite sunset/sunrise places? And what places are on your wish list to see the sun?

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